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About Our Classes

Creative Movement

Ages 3-4

A preschool student will explore dance and music through nursery rhymes, children’s line and circle dances. Fun props are used such as beanbags, parachutes, foam shapes and hula-hoops. It encompasses the basic locomotor skills, colors, shapes, spatial directions, numbers, basic music and rhythm, basic anatomy, and right and left discrimination. 

Pre-Ballet & Tap 1 and 2

Ages 4-6

The young student will be introduced to basic ballet and tap techniques and terminology in an informal manner, which serve as a preparation for further study in music and dance. Classes are designed to develop poise, rhythm, muscular strength and coordination, good posture, self-confidence, musicality, discipline and other physical fitness. 

Classical Ballet

Ages 6-Adult

Our professional ballet classes provide a student with a complete understanding of every aspect of this art form. This includes all foot, arm and body positions. Careful attention will be paid to body placement, proper alignment and posture, as well as precise barre and center floor techniques and combinations such as port de bras, arabesques, adage, allegro and pirouettes.




A extension of classical ballet training for the more advanced and technically trained student. It allows a student to dance (“on the tip”) of their toes. This is done with special reinforced shoes called pointe or toe shoes. *


Ages 10-Adult, with 4 years prior ballet and/or jazz study

This is a fusion of ballet and modern, with jazz and contemporary dance techniques. It is expressive, simultaneously subtle and dynamic. It focuses on conveying musicality and emotion through its movements. 


Ages 6-Adult

This true American theatre dance includes the standard vocabulary of tap sounds and movements of the feet, plus combinations of these into rhythmic patterns, which increase steadily in difficulty.


Ages 6-Adult

A form of dance incorporating pop music, which includes a wide range of styles and movements.

Stretch, Strength & Conditioning

Ages 8-Adult

A class incorporating floor and barre exercises from ballet and modern disciplines with yoga and Pilate exercises to increase flexibility and develop strong abdominals. Weights will be used to build upper body strength. Cardio workouts, including running and jumping exercises, help to raise endurance levels. All of the above will enhance a dancers technique.

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